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Why Pass the Gravy?


It's simple: We started Pass the Gravy because we love our home state of North Carolina and want to share its awesomeness through the power of a positive message and giving back.  The phrase Pass the Gravy brings back positive memories, whether it's sitting around the dinner table or thinking about good times with family and friends, and that is what our brand is all about.

Supporting Carolina Farming and Manufacturing

Manufacturing is making a comeback in the Carolinas, and we want to support that movement in any way that we can.  Our shirts exclusively come from Cotton of the Carolinas where our customers will have transparent access to the supply chain.  You can trace the cotton in your shirts back to the Carolina farm where it was grown, and all shirts are manufactured in North or South Carolina.  All of our shirts are printed by our partners at TS Designs located in Burlington, NC.  With their triple-bottom-line focus, we are excited to support their mission and focus on people, planet, and profits.

Giving Back to NC Kids

As co-founders, we knew from the outset that we wanted to give back to the State we love so much. Both of our families have deep ties to education in North Carolina, so we are donating 10% of net profits to Smart Start – one of the most innovative, influential, and successful early education programs in the country. Smart Start is a network of early childhood partnerships that provide expertise, guidance and infrastructure to ensure North Carolina children receive the care and nurturing they need to thrive. Tailored to meet the specific needs of each community, Smart Start invests in early education, literacy, health and family support so that our children are ready to succeed, lead productive lives and contribute to a strong, vibrant North Carolina.  Learn more about Smart Start here.

About Us

Sara Laughter and John Moss met in 2013 when Sara came to her husband's office to recruit (or guilt) some of his colleagues into donating blood for her annual blood drive.  As a summer intern, John had no choice but to say yes, and the rest as they say, is history.  With a mutual love for tee shirts, fun and funky designs, and North Carolina, Pass the Gravy was created over weekends and during many queso-filled lunches with the simple premise of supporting North Carolina through our designs and donations.  We hope that you share how awesome North Carolina is by supporting our business, and please reach out if you want to get in touch.  We would love to hear from you, and remember, Pass the Gravy, y'all!